Educators Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for clinical educators like yourself who are interested in teaching about the prevention of firearm injury and death.

The materials here are designed to be used by educators with some basic background knowledge of firearm injury prevention as a public health problem. The toolkit activities were designed to be used with learners of varying backgrounds in mind, including medical, nursing, social work, and psychology students. They can be incorporated into a wide range of settings, from large lectures to small group discussions.

The 3A's Framework for Firearm Injury Prevention Counseling

The 3A’s (Approach, Assess, Act) Framework was designed by the BulletPoints Project to guide clinicians through the process of talking with patients about firearm injury prevention. Below you’ll find different materials that walk you through the 3A’s, including a webinar introduction to the 3A’s, an introductory slide set, video lecture clips about the 3A's, a podcast series, and printables.

Slide Sets

Our BulletPoints team has created PowerPoint slide sets about core firearm injury prevention content so you don’t have to! Download these slides if you are looking for easy-to-read graphics and explanations of epidemiological data and different prevention intervention options to incorporate into your presentations. Talking points are included in the Notes on each slide when needed.

Classroom-Ready Videos

Looking for materials that are ready for you to bring to your classroom or other instructional setting? We’ve created pre-recorded video lectures for you to share with your students and PowerPoint slide sets that walk through clinical case studies and include key questions at different moments in each case to guide classroom discussions.

Journal Club Guides

Looking for a journal club guide on the intersection of firearms and healthcare? Our team has selected relevant articles and developed discussion questions to teach students how to read peer-reviewed literature, evaluate study design, review basic methodological principles, and apply research outcomes to their clinical practice. The Student Guides give questions that can guide classroom discussions or be assigned as homework, and the Instructor Guides will get the educator up to speed on the covered topics beforehand.

Explainer Videos

These brief, animated videos are designed to be components of longer learning sessions to review important topics in a brief and compelling visual format. They can be incorporated into lectures or group discussions or assigned to students as background learning.
The first explainer video of the series highlights the statistics and reasons for firearm ownership.
The second episode of the series covers the epidemiology of firearm injury and death in the United States, including the demographic and geographic distribution of firearm-related harm.
The third episode of the series demonstrates how to have informed and respectful conversations with patients about the risks of firearm access and how to reduce that risk.
The fourth episode presents the different ways to responsibly store firearms to support clinicians in having informed, individualized conversations with their patients and making appropriate harm reduction recommendations.


Looking for more asynchronous learning opportunities? Assign your students to watch one of our recorded webinar presentations by nationwide experts on a variety of topics related to firearms and firearm injury prevention. Each one is only 20 minutes long with a brief Q&A at the end. We’ve included a few webinars for you and your students here. Several others are available in our Webinar Library.

Blog Posts

Our blog posts give a quick overview of key topics in firearm injury prevention presented by nationwide experts. We’ve included a few blog posts for you and your students here. Several others are available in our Blog Library.


Every break room bulletin board and doc box wall has a great spot for posting printed educational materials! Keep our quick summaries on safe storage and mental illness and violence at hand by printing them out and posting them in the workplace where they’re visible to people during their busy clinical day. You can also print safe storage brochures for your patients.

Fact Sheet

Download and print this fact sheet on
mental illness and violence.

View the Fact Sheet

Safe Storage Information for Patients

Download and print this brochure on safe firearm
storage to send home with your patients.

View the brochure in English (color version)

View the brochure in English (black & white version)

Ver el folleto en Español (versión en color)

Ver el folleto en Español (versión imprimible)


Download and print this infographic on safe firearm
storage for your clinic and your exam rooms.

View the infographic in English

View the infographic in Spanish

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