The BulletPoints Project

Clinical tools for preventing firearm injury

Welcome to the BulletPoints website, a resource for clinicians and medical educators who are committed to firearm injury prevention.

The BulletPoints Project gives clinicians the knowledge and tools they need to reduce the risk of firearm injury and death in their patients.

Get started by exploring clinical scenarios in which firearms may increase risk, available interventions to reduce risk, and strategies for talking with at-risk patients.

Clinical Scenarios

Firearm injury happens in many forms: self-harm, intimate partner violence, unintentional injury, and more. Click to learn about clinical scenarios in which firearms pose an additional risk.


When someone has access to guns and is at increased risk for harm to self or someone else, clinicians can help reduce that risk. Click to learn about potential interventions, which vary from patient to patient.

How to Counsel

Risk-based, informed conversations about firearms can reduce the likelihood of gun injury. Click to learn evidence-based, expert-recommended methods for talking with patients about risk of gun injury and risk reduction strategies.

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