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Increases in Actual Health Care Costs and Claims After Firearm Injury

Ranney, M. L., Herges, C., Metcalfe, L., et al.
Annals of Internal Medicine., 2020

This before-after study explored the burden of firearm injury on the healthcare system.

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Physicians and Firearms

Part one of an online course covering the epidemiology of gun violence. The curriculum is developed by medical students to bridge the gap in medical education to address gun violence as a public health epidemic.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Incidence, Distribution, and Lethality of Firearm Injuries in California From 2005 to 2015.

Spitzer, S. A., Pear, V. A., McCort, C. D., et al.
JAMA Network Open., 2020.

A description of the incidence and distribution of nonfatal firearm injuries and estimate case fatality ratios for firearm injuries within California from 2005 to 2015.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Firearm ownership and acquisition in California: findings from the 2018 California Safety and Well-being Survey.

Kravitz-Wirtz, N., Pallin, R., Miller, M., et al.
Injury Prevention, 2019

This study explores recent characteristics of firearm ownership as well as acquisition in California.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Firearm-Related Mortality: A Global Public Health Problem

Rivara, F.P., Studdert, D.M., Wintemute, G.J.
Journal of the American Medical Association , 2018

This study examines global trends in firearm-related mortality.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Firearm mortality in California, 2000–2015: The epidemiologic importance of within-state variation

Pear, V. A., Castillo-Carniglia, A., Kagawa, R. M., et al.
Annals of Epidemiology, 2018

This study found interstate variability in firearm mortality that could impact future policy around firearm violence prevention.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Recidivism Rates Following Firearm Injury as Determined by a Collaborative Hospital and Law Enforcement Database

Marshall, W. A., Egger, M. E., Pike, A., et al.
The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 2020

This epidemiological study looked at a database of firearm injury patients to determine incidence of recidivism in the years that followed the initial injury.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Firearm Injury in America

Schwab, C. W., Richmond, T., & Dunfey, M.

This article looks at firearm-related deaths in the United States and discusses strategies to reduce the burden of firearm injury.

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Firearm Injury is a public health issue: here’s what you can do.

An informational video by Osmosis on the epidemiology of firearm-related injuries, its history in public health research, and what you can do.

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Preventing Violence in California

An overview of homicide and suicide deaths in California by the California Department of Public Health.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Mental Illness and Reduction of Gun Violence and Suicide: Bringing Epidemiologic Research to Policy

Swanson, J. W., McGinty, E. E., Fazel, S., et al.
Annals of Epidemiology., 2015.

Although there is a popular belief that mental illness results in violence, evidence from benchmark epidemiological studies show that most people with serious mental illness are never violent but have an increased risk of suicide, which accounts for over half of firearm related deaths in the United States.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Prior Misdemeanor Convictions as a Risk Factor for Later Violent and Firearm-related Criminal Activity among Authorized Purchasers of Handguns

Wintemute, G.J., Drake, C.M., Beaumont, J.J., et al.
Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998

This retrospective cohort study found that handgun purchasers with a prior criminal history were at increased risk of future criminal activity, including firearm-related crimes.

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