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Peer-Reviewed Article

Voluntary Do-Not-Sell Lists — An Innovative Approach to Reducing Gun Suicides

Fredrick E. Vars
The New England Journal of Medicine., 2020.

A perspective piece on a clinician's role in counseling patients at risk of suicide by providing the option of Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms List where it is available.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Disarming Domestic Abusers

Nanasi, N.
Harvard Law and Policy Review., 2020.

This article proposes strategies to disarm domestic abusers, description of current and recommended legislation that would prohibit perpetrators of intimate partner violence from owning or possessing firearms, and litigation strategies to ensure meaningful enforcement.

External Resource

The Task Force on Mass Shootings and Assault Weapons

This report reviews and provides recommendations on firearm legislation, the connection between domestic violence and mass shootings and between mental health and mass shootings, and the regulation of the sale and transfer of guns, accessories, and ammunition.

Peer-Reviewed Article

The Relation Between State Gun Laws and the Incidence and Severity of Mass Public Shootings in the United States, 1976–2018

Siegel, M., Goder-Reiser, M., Duwe, G., et al.
Law and Human Behavior., 2020

This study examined state firearm laws and their separate relationship with the likelihood of a mass public shooting and with the number of fatalities when a mass shooting occurs.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Preventing Suicide Through Better Firearm Safety Policy in the United States

Swanson, J. W.
Psychiatric Services., 2020.

This article summarizes arguments for several recommended statutory modifications to firearm restrictions at the state level for suicide prevention.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Temporary Transfer of Firearms From the Home to Prevent Suicide: Legal Obstacles and Recommendations

McCourt, A. D., Vernick, J. S., Betz, M. E., et al.
JAMA Internal Medicine., 2017.

A summary of obstacles and recommendations on state firearm laws regarding temporary transfers for clinicians to effectively counsel their patients at-risk of suicide.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Law, Ethics, and Conversations between Physicians and Patients about Firearms in the Home

McCourt, A. D., & Vernick, J. S.
AMA Journal of Ethics., 2018.

A discussion on state background check laws for gun transfers, safe gun storage laws, and laws forbidding physicians from engaging in certain firearm-related conversations with their patients.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Removing Firearms From Those Prohibited From Possession by Domestic Violence Restraining Orders: A Survey and Analysis of State Laws

Zeoli, A. M., Frattaroli, S., Roskam, K., et al.
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse., 2019.

An overview and analysis of each state's law regarding domestic violence restraining orders (DVROs).

Peer-Reviewed Article

Assessment of Extreme Risk Protection Order Use in California From 2016 to 2019

Pallin, R., Schleimer, J. P., Pear, V. A., et al.
JAMA Network Open., 2020.

Article that studies the early utilization of California's extreme risk protection order (ERPO) or similar policy.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Washington : A Statewide Descriptive Study

Rowhani-Rahbar, A, Bellenger, M. A., Gibb, L., et al.
Annals of Internal Medicine., 2020.

Article that characterizes circumstances of extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws and those individuals who pose risks to themselves or others.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Criminal Justice and Suicide Outcomes with Indiana’s Risk-Based Gun Seizure Law

Swanson, J. W., Easter, M. M., Alanis-Hirsch, K., et al.
The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law., 2019.

Article that examines the effectiveness of Indiana's 2006 risk-based seizure law designed to prevent gun violence by authorizing police officers power to remove firearms from people who present imminent or future risk of injury to self or others, or display violent or emotionally unstable conduct.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Analysis of the Strength of Legal Firearms Restrictions for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence and Their Associations With Intimate Partner Homicide

Zeoli, A. M., McCourt, A., Buggs, S., et al.
American Journal of Epidemiology., 2018.

Article that looks at the association of firearm restrictions for domestic violence offenders with intimate partner homicides (IPHs) and characteristics of firearm laws to inform policymakers of considerations to maximize protections against IPH.

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