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The Patterns Behind Mass Shootings and the Creation of The Violence Project

In this podcast, Dr. Jillian Peterson, President and Co-Founder of The Violence Project, joins The Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast with Fred Burton to discuss pathways to violence and the prevention of mass shootings.

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The Task Force on Mass Shootings and Assault Weapons

This report reviews and provides recommendations on firearm legislation, the connection between domestic violence and mass shootings and between mental health and mass shootings, and the regulation of the sale and transfer of guns, accessories, and ammunition.

Peer-Reviewed Article

The Relation Between State Gun Laws and the Incidence and Severity of Mass Public Shootings in the United States, 1976–2018

Siegel, M., Goder-Reiser, M., Duwe, G., et al.
Law and Human Behavior., 2020

This study examined state firearm laws and their separate relationship with the likelihood of a mass public shooting and with the number of fatalities when a mass shooting occurs.

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End Family Fire

Resources and recommendations on how to prevent a family fire- a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun in the home that results in injury or death.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Safe Firearm Storage: A Call for Research Informed by Firearm Stakeholders

Beidas, R. S., Rivara, F., and Rowhani-Rahbar, A.
Pediatrics, 2020.

A call to action for needed research informed by firearm stakeholders to help clinicians make acceptable, adoptable recommendations of ways to safely store firearms and reduce risk of injury and mortality.

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Mass Murder with Firearms: Incidents and Victims, 1999-2013

A congressional report analyzing mass shootings for a 15-year period (1999-2013) by Krouse, J. W., & Richardson, J. D.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Assessment of Extreme Risk Protection Order Use in California From 2016 to 2019

Pallin, R., Schleimer, J. P., Pear, V. A., et al.
JAMA Network Open., 2020.

Article that studies the early utilization of California's extreme risk protection order (ERPO) or similar policy.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Washington : A Statewide Descriptive Study

Rowhani-Rahbar, A, Bellenger, M. A., Gibb, L., et al.
Annals of Internal Medicine., 2020.

Article that characterizes circumstances of extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws and those individuals who pose risks to themselves or others.

Peer-Reviewed Article

The Association Between Serious Mental Health Problems and Violence: Some Common Assumptions and Misconceptions

Ahonen, L., Loeber, R., Brent, D.A.
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse., 2019.

Article that discusses the mental health problems associated with violence, the extent to which mental health can explain violence, and the screening instruments available to identify individuals with mental health problems who are most at risk for carrying a gun and committing violence.

Peer-Reviewed Article

What role does serious mental illness play in mass shootings, and how should we address it?

Skeem, J., & Mulvey E.
Criminology & Public Policy., 2019.

Article that discusses the connection between mental health and mass violence, and suggests improvements in policy designs to remove guns from individuals at risk for violence who are with or without mental illness.

Peer-Reviewed Article

Assessing violence risk in Tarasoff situations: a fact-based model of inquiry

Borum, R., & Reddy, M.
Behavioral Sciences & the Law., 2001.

Article that reviews the principles underlying a fact-based approach with six areas of inquiry that can guide the assessment of risk in Tarasoff-type situations.

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School Shootings: Should Parents be Charged for Failing to Lock up Guns Used by their Kids?

An article in the Washington Post by John Woodrow Cox and Steven Rich discussing parents' criminal responsibility in school shootings when the firearm came from their home.

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