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April 1, 2024. Dr. Amy Barnhorst and the BulletPoints Project were featured in the Atlantic, The Doctor Will Ask About Your Gun Now. 

March 8, 2024. Dr. Amy Barnhorst was interviewed by Yahoo!Life, “Firearms are a leading cause of death. Why don’t more doctors talk to their patients about gun safety?”

October 30, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst was interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio, “Lewiston mass shooting prompts another national conversation about firearm access.”

October 27, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst was interviewed by FOX KTVU News, “Red flag concerns and gun violence prevention.”

June 17, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst was featured in a documentary with CBS News Now, “Gun Violence in America .”

March 9, 2023. BulletPoint’s work and resources were featured and shared in the AMA Update Podcast, “How physicians can talk to patients about gun violence and firearm safety” with Dr. Sandra Fryhofer.

February 1, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst quoted in Harvard Public Health, “New gun deaths data in U.S. show continued rise in suicides.”

January 28, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst discusses the relationship between gun violence and mental health with Spectrum News 1, “The complicated relationship between gun violence and mental health. 

January 26, 2023. Drs. Amy Barnhorst and Garen Wintemute publish an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, “How you and everyone you know can help stop California mass shootings.”

January 25, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst quoted in the LA Times, “Two mass shootings in three days. Are these copycat crimes? 

January 11, 2023. Dr. Amy Barnhorst discusses the role of gun violence restraining orders with UC Davis Health, “What are ‘red flag’ laws and how can they prevent gun violence?

December 13, 2022. Dr. Amy Barnhorst quoted in Teen Vogue, “How Gun Violence Affects Our Mental Health” and “Young Americans Affected by Gun Violence Say Some Relatives Are Still Pro-Gun.”



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